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We are currently developing the HIRA (Http Information Representation API) spec (planned draft early Spring 2014) along with the reference model implementation. We implement as we write the spec in order to empirically test its simplicity, generality, and scalability.

The Horace Reference Model Implementation

An open-source reference implementation of the HIRA API will be provided for each new version of the HIRA specification.

The reference implementation consists of the following components, each discussed in the following sections:


Our user interface is implemented in HTML5/CSS3/Javascript and Angularjs. We will target the following browsers for MacOSX and Windows, in order of decreasing priority: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and possibly the latest version of Internet Explorer. To save our resources, our initial emphasis for tablets will be only Safari on iPads.

We have ruled out the use of native (e.g., iOS) or hybrid (e.g., Cordova) implementations for devices, at least for the initial versions. The benefit, compared to the cost, is small given that a well-engineered HTML5 client for this application can be reasonably fast, efficient, and functional in modern browsers and even in mobile devices—especially in tablets. Not least, our reference implementation will be able to be easily understood by the large Javascript programmer community.

Web REST Service

Search Service